AdWords PPC Tutorial For Beginners


Google Ads is an online advertising service which is developed by Google, where advertisers is paying to display and lots of different types of advertising copy, product listings, and videos within the Google ad with along network to internet users. Google Ads is based on cookies and partly on keywords by advertisers.

Requirements for Adwords :

Laptop/Desktop/Smart Phone

Good Internet Connection

No Experience Required in Google Adwords

Website or a Landing Page

Here are only few step to set up the google ads account as below :

Step 1: Set up Google Ads Account

Step 2: Start a Google Ads Campaign

Step 3: Define Campaign Audience

Step 4: Choosing Your Google Ads Budget

Step 5: Exploring Your Google Ads Bidding Strategy

Step 6: Please add Google Ad Extensions (Don’t forget this)

Step 7: Ad Set Planning and Keyword Research

Step 8: Crafting High Quality Google Ads

Step 9: Optimizing Google Ad Campagin

Creating a Google Ads campaign is as much an art as it is a science subject. You have to use the data you are given to speak to real consumers. You have to out-compete your competition and stand out. If you need help with your campaign or would like us to do a free audit of a current one please send us a message and we can schedule a time to talk.


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