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Benefits of youtube for users


Do you know how many average videos are uploaded per day to YouTube? More than 50,000! And is that if there is something that can not be denied is that YouTube is one of the most important video platforms that exist on the Internet.

Many of these videos that are shared daily through YouTube channels are corporate videos that contain information about the brands, products and/or services offered by different companies.

In addition, we must bear in mind that video is a rising trend, especially now that the mobile web is becoming increasingly relevant and that innovation is implied, as is advertising and marketing, in the quality of content that Is turned into YouTube.

We want you to be aware of the importance that YouTube has in taking it into account in any marketing strategy that matters. YouTube is an essential platform for any type of company and thanks to it we can improve our presence in search engines.

Among the advantages we gain when we open a YouTube channel company, include:

Reach the audience with the video

If we are looking to impact our potential audience, the first thing we must do is to know it thoroughly. It does not matter if we bet on a lip dub marketing campaign or opt for a more sober campaign, the main objective is to engage viewers by showing our ability to meet their needs. To achieve this we must know them well.

YouTube = Page Web = Social

It is essential to always keep in mind our focus since we are seeking to consolidate our brand or company. This means that we need to be known and followed and that we must deliver quality to our potential audience.

Keeping a presence on YouTube, responding to comments, answering questionnaires and sharing videos in social profiles is essential for a successful marketing strategy on YouTube. In this regard, the Community Manager are responsible for disseminating the videos for a company that we want to be displayed.

SEO on YouTube

The use of the keywords in the title and an optimised description and concordant with the SEO applied to our corporate website and our social profiles are essential to achieving a good positioning of our videos. This is another way to attract traffic.

The key to SEO on YouTube lies between consistency with who we are, the interconnection between our various corporate profiles integrated into the network and social SEO. We must not forget that the collective of people who daily visualise videos on the Internet implies in itself, new and constant business opportunities for our company.

YouTube and education

Students and teachers have found in the video a good way to build and share didactic material and news of relevance or great value, as well as a possibility to connect with the business world.

YouTube =Google

At the moment the search engine has achieved with its social network to close the circle of the creation of complete offices that are used individually and in favour of the construction of an efficient network and through social interaction as an indispensable element.

It is important to be efficient in using the tools that we have at our disposal. YouTube allows us to live a visual experience that is undoubtedly very related to emotions. Leveraging this potential efficiently is a great way to consolidate an optimal marketing campaign on YouTube.

YouTube and the shopping experience

YouTube is a sales channel and for information. Using it as an information channel, offering videos that provide information related to the market to which our company is integrated is the way of innovation and constitutes an inexhaustible source of added value for our business.



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