There are mainly few points which will decide the number of views on YouTube Videos.

  • Watch Time
  • Keyword Relevance
  • Your Number Of Subscribers
  • Customer Reactions, including comments, likes and dislikes
  • Promote Your Video

Watch Time

This could be described as the engagement metrics or bounce rate for videos. YouTube can see how long your visitors stay to watch your content on daily basis.

So make most engaging content so that users will stay more on the video and this will lead into more no.of views

Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels

If you have high number of or great followers on other social platform, let them know every time when you upload a new video to YouTube.

A good way to do this is with a short and unique video.

Share YouTube Video on Facebook

To make things easier, try using a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer.

But don’t just stick to social channels.You can also integrate or embed your YouTube videos with the relevant blog posts and also along with pages on your website.

And don’t forget about email marketing. With an industry average open rate of 18 percent and a purchase rate of 66 percent, email marketing is a powerhouse when it comes to sales conversions. It does not need to be so complicated either.

YouTube Video Email Marketing

YouTube is not a social channel, so make sure to cross-promote your videos through your other marketing channels.

Understand the Importance of ‘Watch Time’

YouTube describes according to their algorithm as a “search and discovery system.”

What is the more, the algorithm does not just impact on videos, but entire YouTube channels.

YouTube’s algorithm is quite complex, but the most important thing to understand is that it is totally based on ‘Watch Time.’

In fact, according to YouTube, Each and every single video uploaded on YouTube only is ‘ranked’ came by watch time only.

Watch Time is how much time people spend actually watching your YouTube videos

The better quality of your videos are, the more time people will spend watching them. This will increase your YouTube videos Watch Time minutes and YouTube will favor your videos.

In summary: Focus on retaining viewers for as long as you can, and don’t be afraid of promoting other YouTube channels in your niche

Keyword Relevance :

Maintain the right amount of keywords in the title and description. Search the keywords which are related to your video in the keyword planner tool.

Google can not understand your video by looking . So we have to help Google by providing the right description and title for the YouTube video. The right description and title not only helps the users but also help Google to understand your video and it will recommend the video to more number of users.

Your Number Of Subscribers

Your number of subscribers also play a major role in deciding the views. More number of subscribers will lead to more number of views. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and if you make any new video then they will get notified easily.

Customer Reactions, including comments, likes and dislikes

The customer reactions will play a minor part in this. Good amount of engagement with the video will leads more sharing of the video also and it will directly impact on the views of the YouTube video.

Promote Your Video

Promoting your video is the best option in optimization. Once your video has been marked up to maximize its online exposure easily, it is now up to you to encourage to viewers.

How YouTube Pays

There are number set of rules for paying, but taking this point as advantage some people have misused YouTube to promote fake news. So YouTube has made some strict rules and everybody should follow them to get paid.


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