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How does Snapchat work 2020


Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive photos and videos.

Snapchat Stories

There are compilations of snaps that create a narrative, as they appear in chronological order. They are comprised of a combination of photos, videos, graphics and illustrations, such as stickers. Each compilation contains snaps that a user has posted to his or her Story over the last 24 hours. Each Snap appears for 24 hours, and the user’s friends can view them an unlimited number of times before they expire.

Snapchat is app that is used to send pictures of limited time between friends.

Personally, I like this app because I think its a faster and more fun way to communicate with friends. You also stay connected through the discover feature, that includes the food channel, news, and comedy central.

Pictures you send or ” Snaps” can be filtered and saved. This app has geotype and is featured as another filter on snaps.

After you take the snap you can draw on the picture in a variety of colors and also add text. Something that got popular is putting emojis in the text box and then enlarging it to cover faces with emojis and silly things like that.

When you take a snap you are given the option as to how long the other person will be able to see your snap. You can choose between 0-1o seconds.
The person receiving this will then have an option of saving it in chat by tapping on the picture or text.

Snapchat Filters these features, a user can create a selfie that distorts his or her image.

Snapchat privacy concerns. In response to the public’s Snapchat privacy concerns, the company noted that users could tweak their individual privacy settings to restrict its reach.

The company formerly known as Snapchat has been re-branded as Snap, Inc., and is entering the hardware market with the release of image-capturing sunglasses called ‘Spectacles’.

Hope you enjoy this app and that I was helpful.



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