Which Facebook Ad Objective we Should Choose for Goals?

If you want to move on from normal boosting Facebook posts and video then you need to learn more about Facebook Ad objectives. Here’s we have a pretty serious and list as below.


Facebook Ad Objectives

Facebook Ad objectives are divided up into three categories (Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion) with various options under each objectives.


When you want the audience to do more than excitement, you should try one of these five objectives.


Use the Traffic when your goal is to drive traffic outside of Facebook. This might be to read a post, visit your landing page or discover your app. Facebook will show your ads to those people within your targeted audience that are most likely to click on your link according to their past behaviours.


App Installs

Use the App Installation objective if you have an application and wish to send people to the store where they can download your app very easily.

Video Views

Use the Video Views objective when you are promoting a video and your primary and main objective is to get more people to view your videos and your priority is not for them to click on your link or also convert on whatever you are promoting.


Lead Generation

Use the Lead Generation objective when you want to generate leads on Facebook. Facebook Lead Generation ads allow you to grab the data such as name, email address, phone number and many more, auto populating this information where this is already available.


Please use the Conversion objective when your goal is to get people to convert for a specific and targeted action whether that be opt-in, register and purchase too.




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