How To Get Followers On Instagram : Organic Tricks


Here are some tips you can follow and get followers on instagram

Tip 1: Partnership with another instagrammer in your category

Reach out to Instagram users who have built a good audience in your category or industry to discuss about how you can shout out to each other.

If you want this to work effectively and want to grow, you’ll need to find users who have a similar size of audience like you have and a similar or complimentary target market too.

Remember, your goal with this particular strategy or plan is to built your audience. Make sure you offer the best and highest quality content to attract as many followers as possible.

Tip 2 : Try to use popular and trending Hashtags

I am sure that you know how important hashtags are in marketing. In short, using hashtags on Instagram will allow people outside of your current follower base to explore, to find and hopefully follow you.

Try to use popular hashtags that you know your target audience use always

Tip 3 : If you have a blog or website link there your instagram account.

The best way to persuade your website visitors to follow you on Instagram is by embedding Instagram posts onto your website or blog.

This will allow your visitors to see your posts and interact right on your page.

Tip 4 : Try to post on instagram once or twice a day
Instagram Research suggests that posting once or twice a day is optimal for reach, likes, and shares.

Tip 5: Interact with other accounts

The best way to get more followers on Instagram is to like other people’s photos on a regular basis. Leaving thoughtful comments is even better in my experience.

Don’t leave comments asking people to follow you, that sounds spam. Instead, leave a comment that says what you like about their photo.

Tip 6 : Try to organize an Instagram Contest
Instagram contests are great ways to increase your engagement and followers, especially as your followers tag their friends and let them know about it.

Tip 7 : Try to post Unique Content
Nowadays we read and share lots of quotes which relate to our mood. If you post good and relatable quotes people will like it, share it and tag their friends, which will help you to grow your instagram account.

I hope you will find these tips helpful.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. The most important thing is the content. The more value you will add, the more followers you gain. I totally agree that content should be unique. It should educate and entertain the audience. Content is your ultimate weapon that converts visitors into followers. Without content, you cannot win new followers, No matter how many tips you take on the board. Content should be created on the trending topics.

    Social media is one of the strongest platforms in this world and it is the only solution that will definitely provide your online business a great chance to boost efficiency. Make sure to share the profile in relevant niche groups to get the right response from people living around the world.

    By joining relevant niche groups you will definitely get the right solution to deal with great online business establishment intelligence factors. In these groups, you just have to share your fresh posts related to the products in which you are dealing online respectively.

    Shout-outs, positive engagement, embed your content in Q&A sites or reaching out to different bloggers and convincing them to include your content on their pages are some other strategies that can be used to increase Instagram followers and likes.

    If you are new on Instagram and want to give a quick headstart to your Instagram page or account then buying Instagram followers is a smart option.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s informative, interesting and I have certainly learned a thing or two. Thanks!


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