How to promote music free online?


Online promotion for video or any particular music video is a very broad topic.

Who is your audience?
By determining who your audience is, you get to uncover what appeals to them, where they hangout, what they look for in a song, what they purchase, and many other gems you initially wouldn’t have discovered. This also streamlines a lot of your promotional activities as it will dictate exactly where you will concentrate scarce investments.

Once you have determined who your target audience is, I suggest you first concentrate on building your Facebook fan page as it is the most widely-used social media channel that you can easily target your audience based on their profile you have set.

Once you have created your profile:

Interact with them and do not forgot to Invite relevant and influential people to follow your page or account. It can be your friends and family, at the very least.

If you play in those places again, they can promote and even tag your page for collaboration .

This will ultimately result to visits to your account. If your friends already with more popular artists in the industry then ask them that they can talk to these bands to share your tracks in their respective social media accounts.

This will automatically expand awareness on your band as you will be utilizing the fanbase of a more-popular artist. This will also build reputation for your band.

Join online social media groups (Facebook) related to your category

Once you have joined those groups, make your presence felt. Invite them to your event and, give the audience offers – but make sure the way you communicate your promotions is very organic.

Make sure you always have best content in your social pages to make it seem alive and intresting. These content should always be properly labeled with 3-5 hashtags with your relevant category that your relevant to your music:

Few of them should be about your band, then approximately 3 or 4 hashtags should be tag related to the industry/genre in general. Check top hashtags in this website.

Always monitor the hashtags you set. If you see any posts that are directly related to your band, please please please, do me a favor and like/retweet/share it.

It will mean the world to the person who posted it. That’s also free content and publicity for you. Interact with your fans in the both way as online and offline.

By engaging with them, they will become more loyal as they get to know who you are more deeply not just as a musician but even as a person.

You don’t need to pay someone to promote your music video while you’re in your first few months or years as an artist. The most sustainable way to build a loyal fanbase is to first gather a group of people who are willing enough to be your word-of-mouth soldiers.

Just make sure you always make these people feel like insiders – by doing so, they will become more loyal to you, and will basically do everything they can to spread the word about your band.

They will be your free PR group.


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