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How to Promote New Product or Services

How to PromoteNew Product or Services

When we think about to promoting a new product or service for the businessit can seem like there are several options.

It can be difficult to figure out where to get started and which methods of promotion will give you the better results.

Imagine your business trying to go globally or expand. You have carefully planned how your business will enter the new market.

However, until you actual get to the real action and start selling your product, you need to take care of very important part of your business without which your business would not actually function and your customers.

The promotional mix generally 5 components such as:

  • Personal selling
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Sales promotions
  • Public relations

Post to Google My Business

You can post about your new product or service to Your Google My Busines profile in two ways.

The first is to create a Google post and select the “promotion” option and then second is to upload photos of the new product or service to your profile.

Offer to Customers

Your loyal customers are a key part of how to promote your product or services because they are most important the first ones who will buy it first from you.

Social Media Contests

Contests and giveaway are a very popular tool and top quality marketers.

Social media contests are a fun, easy way of connecting with customers, engage with them and bringing in more fans for your social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Did you know that 85% plus of consumers open emails from businesses, and that 50% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotion.

Email marketing via newsletters is a fantastic vehicle for advertisement this is one of the best ways to promote a new service or product.

Facebook Ads

With 1.65 billion monthly active users Facebook is a window to a huge market. This the reason why Facebook ads are an effective marketing tool.

In Store Promotions

Businesses with brick and mortar locations have the added lots of opportunity to promote a new product or services in stores

Share Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to promote a new product or service is to let your customers write or mouth marketing for you by sharing reviews.

Share on Social Media Channel

Best way to promote a new products or services is to announce and share this on social media. If you are using the best methods, make sure to share any of them on social media.



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