Learn how to search engines and online advertising can help you to connect with more customers.


How to Find Customers Online

In today’s digital environment, finding the customers online begins with understanding the different channels for doing so.


Organic Search

The goal of every digital marketer is to optimize their website for customers to find their website through organic search. Organic search occurs when a web user types in keywords into the search bar on their web browser. Search engines is like Google and Bing will display a list of websites they think are most relevant to a specific search.


If you optimize to your website so that, it comes up in organic search results for particular keywords and the user clicks through your website, you have attract them through organic search. Organic search is good for a long term digital marketing strategy, particularly for products and services that people know about and are actively searching for the same.


Pay Per Click
In some occurrence like social media marketing, you will be better off attracting customers through the paid ads.

Pay per click is used to get instant web traffic and for getting quick attention and exposure to products and services that customers already know about it.



Organic Social Media

Businesses can also rank organically on social media, though it is very difficult.

Social media platforms regularly refresh their content which pushes Facebook posts and Twitter tweets down in the user’s newsfeed.

To appear at the top on social media, you will need to post viral content to the right people at the right time. Daily basis posting on social media channels throughout the day can also increase your chances of organic social media success.


Paid Social Media

For many businesses, finding the customers online through social media paid marketing.


Number of Online Searches

The primary way customers are finding you in 2018 is through an online search on their desktop or smartphone etc. According to SmartInsights’s 2018 Search Engine Statistics,More than 3.5 billion people worldwide search for information on Google daily. What search engines are your customers using?


  • Google is making up for over 62.6% of internet searches.
  • Google Images and Google Maps account for another 23.9%.
  • Bing gets 2.2% of total online searches.
  • Yahoo gets rather more searches than Bing at 2.4%.
  • YouTube, which is owned by Google, accounts for 4.3% of searches.
  • Amazon makes up for 2.3% of online searches.
  • Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all make up for around 2% plus of searches.


As you can see, Google is the giant where you want to stand on if you want your business to grow. However, having content on YouTube and other social media platforms collectively can make your business visible to around 6.5% more internet searches. This number is only bound to increase as the typical user already spends 116 minutes on social media daily.


What Do Customers Want?

What exactly these customers are searching for? It could be the answer to a simple question like finding the capital city of a country or anything else. But if they are looking for a cupcake vendor or an outstanding lawyer, what factors play in their decision making process? So What exactly do they want from you?


Solutions : Customers desire reliable information from a trustworthy source that helps o them make well informed choice.

Customer Service : People wants to be the partner with businesses that are transparent and responsive to all their queries.



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