How to run Facebook ads effectively 2020


Here are best tips for running successful Facebook ads:

  1. Have a goal in mind.
  2. Target your audience.
  3. Use Eye-catching images.
  4. Know what to say
  5. Don’t sound like an ad.
  6. Leverage A/B split testing.
  7. Install Conversion Pixels.

Why Facebook Advertising Works So Well

There are lots of users on Facebook, but sending an ad out into the void does not result in lots of conversions. The key to Facebook’s advertising is targeting.

Two Types of Facebook Ads

There are two types of Facebook ads that we can use:

  • Sponsored Posts

These posts appear directly in the Facebook Newsfeed. Users see the ads as they are scrolling on feed, and the feature as easily seen as posts from close friends.

  • The Right-Hand Column Ad

In the right column of the Facebook feed. These ads are very smaller, but they can not be scrolled past like sponsored posts in the News Feed.

Once you have defined the strategy for your Facebook ads, here’s how to set up your campaign for success.

1: Choose a Campaign Objective Based on Your Goal :

The structure of a Facebook advertising campaign consists of three levels like as a campaign, an ad set, and an ad.

2: Build Your Ideal Custom Audience
The second stage in the campaign formation is the ad set, which specifies how your ad will run.

3: Build and Test Your Ad Creative

The last stage of the campaign structure is the ad level or known as your creative. Your ad is what the customers or audience will see.


Before creating your Facebook campaigns please take the time to define your campaign strategy and where in your sales funnel you can use Facebook ads to grow your business accordingly.


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