Instagram, which has been running a test at a moment to hide like counts on the posts in several different countries, announced soon that it is expanding the test globally.

Instagram owned by Facebook announced on Wednesday 2019, that some users in seven countries will not be able to see the number of likes that other users’ pictures have received and it will be the same for the videos have been viewed.

Instagram is testing its ‘like’ ban, button influencers will have to shift tactics to make money

Instagram recently kicked off to hide the number of “likes” button of a user’s post has received.
Here’s what the “likes” test could mean for influencers and brands working with them on Instagram.

On Tuesday, November 2019, the Facebook-owned photo sharing app announced it is running a test in Canada starting later this week that hides the total number of likes on photos and videos.

Why is Instagram removing likes?
The move is designed to downplay the importance users place in receiving validation on their content and shift focus to the content they create, the company said.


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