Introduction to Instagram Marketing Tips


In the year 2010 Instagram was found by Facebook. In the initial stages, it runs only on ios platform. Two years later the app was updated and it was introduced to the android platform also. Since Instagram is so popular since its birth lets have a look at Introduction to Instagram.

Kevin Systrom is the CEO and co-founder of Instagram, which is a community of more than 800 million people. He is responsible for the company’s overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations.

It seems like everyone — and their dog — is on the platform.

Take a look at these stats:

* 28% of all U.S. adults use Instagram

* More than 75% of the app’s user base is outside the U.S.

* Instagram has more than 700 million active monthly users, a vast number of people use Instagram.

How Instagram Algorithm Works

Before we get into how Instagram Algorithm works, lets just first  understand how Instagram itself works:

Every advertiser demands your attention span. Hence they show the content that delights you.

Delightful and engaging content will keep your attention on the app for longer and increase the likelihood of you coming back to the app more often. This is how the Instagram algorithm works

How Instagram Algorithm Works

Whenever you upload a new post:

First of all your new post is shown to a small percentage of your total audience.

Based upon the audience engagement – likes, comments, shares and saves with your post your post is further shown to newer audience. Instagram measures the performance of your post.

It compares the engagement of your new post to that of your previous ones on similar days and times.

If it receives less engagement than your average engagement. Then the post is shown to a smaller percentage of your audience which means less people see your posts and discover your page.

On the other hand if it more engagement than your average, then a larger percentage of your audience sees it and its likelihood to be show on people explorer page increases and hence more people discovers it.

Now you know the algorithm and you can use it your own advantage. Some people hack the algorithm and trick the algorithm into believing that their content is more delightful and

They rank higher on people’s home and explorer page.

Timing of your post is very important. Post at a time when your user is online because it increases the chance of visibility of your post. Squarelovin is a free tool to figure out at what time your audience is online.

Create appealing visual content: People evaluates your post on the basis of how GREAT it looks!! Create content that provides value to the audience.You can check your Instagram Insights page, to know which POSTS are performing better.

How to manage Instagram Algorithms

Don’t use bots!

Never use bot tactics that is automated likes and comments from bot accounts to increase your engagement numbers. Instagram is greatly incentivized to reduce the number of people who use bots to “hack” the algorithm. It has developed technology to differentiate between bot engagement and real engagement.

Create human content, not branded content.

You must have noticed that Brands and businesses rank in the lower in engagement on Instagram.. Very few of us enjoy Buzzwords, glossy editorial photos, expensive marketing campaigns and salesy post, Create such content that gives your audience value,instead of content that tries to get value from them. Your engagement metrics will show you what people enjoy.

How to get new followers to Instagram account?

Are you wondering how to get new followers to your Instagram account in 2018?? Following are mentioned important points to be remembered in order to gain new Instagram followers that actually WORKS:-

How to increase your follower in Instagram

1. Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag.

Promote your dedicated hashtag to all the social media profile. Suppose you created a #comeshop hashtag for your company, but who knows to use it to share content with you? Don’t forget to put it in your profile. What else you can do is to take the game offline and have it printed on your receipts, in print ads, on signage in your store and at other relevant events.

2. Get creative with hashtagging.

You need to look beyond the one- word obvious hashtag. You need to get creative. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous—but don’t sound BORING. Mix up words and use those to tell part of your story.

3.Participate in popular conversations

Long tail keywords are more specific and they help you to find the right people but trending hashtags such as #fun #picoftheday are plain and boring but they get you in front of more people in general. You need to take both and make good use of it.

4. Make the most of your bio URL.

Change up your bio URL at least bi-weekly and use that clickable link in your bio to drive traffic to your newest or most popular content.

Your Instagram bio section is of utmost importance and at the same time, it is one of the most under-utilized Instagram features. Sometimes It is becoming hard to come up with the perfect description of you, what you do and why people should follow you.

Always try to focus on your target customers and find ways as to how your Instagram profile will help or inspire your target customers.

Also, make sure to mention a clear call-to-action in your bio, whether it’s telling them to shop, visit your link below, buy tickets to your event or subscribe to your email list or youtube channel.

5. Get descriptive with your caption

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words and holds importance, but you can’t skip the words entirely. You need to tell a story to your audience via your photos and writing to get engagement and sharing.

6. Add Instagram stories for more exposure

Stories are the key to engaging with your followers and staying at top of your customer’s mind.

But did you know that Instagram Stories can really help you get Instagram followers?

Instagram Stories are a good way to reach the people who don’t even follow you. They appear on the Instagram explore page, which means that people who don’t even follow you can still find and watch your stories. You can get a follow from people if they like what they see.

You can also add locations and hashtags to your story for more exposure.

Pick A Good Username And Profile Pic: Using an attractive profile pic and good and simple username is suggested. It makes easy for people to recognize and follow. Also, make sure that the picture you use reflects the theme of your account. For example, if your account is about fitness, use a pic of yourself at the gym, etc.

7. Go all in on influencer marketing.

An influencer is a person who influences the people you want to get in front of. Visit the profiles of such influencer related to your niche and “Turn On Post Notifications” to be notified every time they share new content.  Then interact with them regularly.

8. Develop your own Instagram style

To be able to stand out you need to develop your own Instagram style. As for example, Indian beverage brand Frooti is instantly recognizable in the news feed for it has developed such a unique visual content style.

9. Remember your calls to action!

Instagram, like other social networks, is not a broadcasting platform but the platform is for engagement and conversation. Always remember What action do you want people to take on your post? Figure out your call to action. Often, that call to action can cleverly gets people to share and incites people to virally spread and share your content.
How to use Instagram hashtags

An Instagram hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the symbol.

Basically, hashtags are used to categorize content. Search any keyword preceded by hashtag will be able you to browse posts that have been tagged with it. On contrary, you can attach your own photo or video with it to make it discoverable to anyone searching the hashtag. How likely it is to be seen by other users depends on the frequency of the usage of the hashtag, popularity of the post and the strength of your followers.

How to use Instagram hashtags the correct way?

The use of right hashtag or combination of hashtags will help you to expose your brand to large and targeted audiences. By doing this your brand will be more discoverable on Instagram, which result in having better chance of attracting new followers, also getting more likes which will result in better engagement.  According to a study, posts with at least one hashtag results in on an average 12.6 percent better engagement than those without the hashtag.

How to choose the right Instagram hashtags for your brand?

The hashtags you want to use will depend on what space your business operates in. The right hashtag depends on the nature of your business and spaces your business operates in.

For example, suppose you are a social media manager for a travel agency. You can use a ton of Instagram hashtags that are popular: #welltravel, #justback, #whatsinmybag, and #passportexpress and so on. Tag your posts with any number of those to get a few extra likes.

But if your purpose is engagement and to gain quality followers include only specific hashtags that are related to your post.

How to discover the right hashtags that your target audience is searching?

1.Checkout the hashtags that your competitors are using. You ‘ll get to discover new hashtags to add to your list.

2.Learn from the best. Try to use those hashtags that influential people in your industry are using. Using those hashtags might benefit you as these people are already well-established with your target audience.

The golden rule to using an Instagram hashtag is:

use only relevant hashtags that are relevant to your brand, industry, and target audience.

How many Instagram hashtags should you use per post?

Instagram has maximum hashtag limit of 30 per post. But that doesn’t mean you should tag every post with 30 hashtags.

According to a study it was found that Instagram accounts with 1,000 followers or less with posts containing four or five hashtags received an average of 22 interactions. Whereas 14 interactions on posts with zero hashtags. Using too many hashtags might result in diluting your message. It depends on the content of the post the number of hashtags we should use.

How To Make The Best Use Of Instagram Stories?

You can write, doodle, and place stickers on your Instagram Stories.

It is actually a great way to share quick and off-the-cuff moments that are short-lived. It remains for just 24 hours. It’s also a fun way to show your personality. Creating an Instagram story is very simple due to the easy-to-use interface of Instagram.

How To Make The Best Use Of Instagram Stories?

 Here’s a guide on how to create Instagram stories:

Either swipe right from your home screen or tap the camera icon present at the top left corner of the screen.

Take a photo by pressing the record button or take avideo by holding the record button for up to 10 seconds. You also have the option of taking a boomerang or rewind whatever way you want your story to be.

You can also upload a previously taken photo or video from your camera roll which is taken in the past 24 hours Swipe up or down to upload.

Tapping anywhere on the screen and play with text size and color, and you can also use the “@” sign to tag another account, or the “#” sign to share a hashtag.

You can also add stickers Some of the more important ones include a location sticker, a hashtag sticker, and a selfie sticker that lets you take a mini-selfie. You can also add filters.

Tap NEXT when you are done!!

How to use Instagram Stories for Business?

Instagram stories are a great way to promote your business. If you’re using Instagram Stories for business, it’s good to post a mix of fun, lighthearted content and promotional content.You can go as creative as you can as there are so many cool tools to make it interesting and eye-catchy. Because of its short-lived feature, it allows you to experiment.

Use stickers to increase your discoverability

Instagram has added a number of new functionalities – such as  location-based service on your stories and usage of hashtags. These features have made a huge difference. Previously you could only share Instagram Stories with your own followers, now anyone can see your Stories as Stories are now searchable by location and hashtag.

With the ability to tag other accounts in Instagram Stories, it is a good way to drive traffic to

your contests. Instagram contests are very effective for driving engagement and getting new followers.



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