LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B companies 2020


What you’re about to learn is what most LinkedIn gurus would charge anywhere from $500 – $2000 to put in a course.

So bookmark this page and get ready to take a lot of notes.

Here’s what we cover in this post:

  • What doesn’t work
  • The top LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B
  • How to do outbound right
  • How to do inbound right
  • How to combine outbound and inbound for consistent, quality results

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page

A Company Page helps LinkedIn members to learn about your business, your brand, and job opportunities with your company. Company Pages are also a great way to set up industry expertise.

Write more n More !
You have 1300 characters for you to write on a personal LinkedIn post. It turns out, at least in this case, longer is better.

If you are posting a link to a blog post on LinkedIn.

1) Provide value directly in the post itself. Write this in a way that tells a story and engages with your reader. If you keep them reading the post, they will be more likely to click through.

2) Lose the link preview. LinkedIn gives you option to remove the preview. People see so many links on LinkedIn that they tend to ignore link posts.

Tag people on LinkedIn posts

Once you have formatted the perfect post that provides value to your readers or your audience then it is time to tag people!

When you tag someone in a LinkedIn post, their connections and people who follow them will also see that content very easily by organic reach.

Use hashtags to get discovered

LinkedIn users can follow a hashtag to get content on different different topic in their feed even if they don’t follow specific influencers for that topic.

Keep Stay up to date with new LinkedIn updates

With all the changes that have already come to LinkedIn in the past few years, there is a lot to keep up with updates.

We make sure to dive into each LinkedIn updates and more learn about it as much as I can.

Build your 2020 LinkedIn strategy

Now you are informed about all the recent LinkedIn updates. You are armed with tips to create the perfect LinkedIn post, video into your post and optimize it and get it in front of the right people.

It’s time to go ahead and create your 2020 LinkedIn marketing strategy!


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