Pinterest Marketing Ideas for Your Business in 2020


Are you curious about what’s working for other businesses?

  1. Pin consistently at least 5x per day
  2. Schedule your Pins
  3. Apply for Rich Pins for your website or blog
  4. Create “Pin It for Later” links
  5. Design images at the proper size
  6. Create and Pin images with text
  7. Write keyword-rich descriptions and boards
  8. Add a link to your pin descriptions

And here are all the different Pinterest marketing tips we tried.

  • Create a Blog Post Board
    Always create pinned images that link back to your blog content. Having one board dedicated to your blog content will increase its overall exposure and traffic.

  • Share Behind the Scenes

Create Pins for both photos and videos that showcase what a day at your office or inside your business is like. Sharing what your day to day is like will help build personal relationships with your Pinterest users.

  • Add Custom Boards Cover to Your Pinterest Profile

One Pinterest idea that will add credibility, beauty, and branding to your Pinterest for your business profile is to add customized board covers to your boards. You can create a template for these board covers that will allow you to use the same images, colors, and branding and change the text.

. Pin on Saturday Mornings

Research and data have shown that the highest engagement on Pinterest is on Saturday mornings. If you haven’t added Saturdays to your pinning schedule yet, doing so could lead to better results.

  • Pin Consistently

The only way to gain viewers and traffic back to your business organically is to Pin new content consistently. Most businesses on Pinterest Pin their own content 5 to 15 times per day and then repin others’ content five to 15 times per day.

Build a Resource Board

If you find something useful for your business on Pinterest, the chances are that your ideal customer will find it useful as well. Creating a board with useful resources establishes you as an expert in your field and provides value to your followers.


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