Pinterest marketing best tips and strategies for 2020


We’ve created an easy 5 step Pinterest marketing strategy as below :

  • Brand your profile. The first step to having a presence on any social media network is to brand your profile.
  • Determine your content strategy.
  • Join community boards.
  • Focus on Pinterest SEO.
  • Schedule out fresh pins.

Do’s of Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Well, when it comes to marketing there is no compulsion for anything that you need to abide by. But, to get the best out of your marketing efforts.

1. Complete your profile: First, complete your profile. Describe your business include relevant keywords that help you reach your target audience. Next, upload a profile picture. your personal picture, make sure it a presentable and hight quality profile picture! In addition, create minimum 12-14 boards and pin at least 9 or 10 pins on each board.

2. Create Your First 5 Boards: If you haven’t started pinning yet, now is the time! Start with creating your first 5 or 6 boards related to the relevant topics that your audience would love.

3. Use Secret Board to Save Content: It is always a great idea to pre-plan. Curate all the content you’ll need and create a secret board.

4. Have An Good Cover Photo: Your cover photo is your first impression. It is the first thing a user sees when they visit your page. Make sure that it reflects what your page is all about. Also along with that Pinterest allows you to choose which pin to use for your cover image.

5. Engage: Maybe you don’t have a lots of Pinterest followers to start with but It is okay. Everybody starts with the zero. The key to getting more audience is to engage with them also Direct messaging is an excellent option to go for it.

6.Follow Your Competitors: Find your competitors’ Pinterest accounts. With a little research, you can discover out what they are actually doing at Pinterest and learn from their results and actions.

7. Share Blog Posts: If you come across any interesting blogs post also if you can always repurpose them and share.

8. Focus on Image Quality: Pinterest is all about visuals.

Therefore, the more interesting the image you post, the more engagement you will get on Pinterest.

9. Use Keyword in Your Descriptions: Including relevant keywords and description helps to reach you easily.

10. Use Different Images to Link Back to Your Site: Suppose you have an old blog post that you would like to promote on Pinterest.

11. Pin Regularly: Pinning regularly helps to you maximize exposure and customer engagement with you.

12. Cross-Promote across platforms: If you have recently start using Pinterest, you should take advantage of other social networks or other platform to grow your followers and increase social traffic.

Don’ts of Pinterest Marketing Strategy

We want to keep you far far away from the pitfalls! So, here are a few things you’d want to avoid.

1.Don’t Post Low-Quality Image: As everyone knows Pinterest is a highly visual social platform. Therefore, it does no good to post a poor quality image on it.

2. Don’t Ignore Group Board: Group boards are community boards for invited members to pin on the same topic. Make sure that the boards you participate are well-curated, have a good number of active members and have active moderators.

3. Don’t Just Pin Your Own Content: You should not pin your own content always.

4. Do not Make Your Profile complicated: Add the relevant keyword to your description and keep your profile specific to your company so that everyone can search you on Pinterest easily.

5. Do not Use So Many Hashtags: Most importantly, do not use too many hashtags in your pin description of your profile. Hashtags on Pinterest do not work the same as they do on Twitter or any other social platform.

6. Do not Pin Anything or Everything: Don’t make this mistake because pinning everything and anything clutters your pinboards.

7. Do not Pin All Your Pin into One Single Board : Instead of pins all images into one board, you need to pin images into a different different board.

This is the best way for your board looks appealing and attractive and you will get more followers on your board.


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