Top 10 Tips for SEO – Try Today


What is Search Engine Optimisation ?

SEO is the process where we use to drive traffic for your website to improved from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing also via organic techniques.

The higher will be a website appears in google search results, the higher the number of visitors of the page will receive from the search engine results.. There are so many methods are there to improve your pages ranking without submitting to the paid
links or keyword which is offered by search engines.

Search Engine is becoming harder compared to what it was before.

Here’s the 10-step SEO strategy you should follow in 2019:

Step #1 Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Step#2 Guest Posts on High Authority Websites Step

#3 Stay active on Social Media Platforms

Step #4 Improve User Experience

Step #5 Be Creative to build backlinks

#6Use Keywords, Synonyms and long tale keywords

Step #7 Write Helpful Guides and how-to tutorials

Step #8 Use Google Maps for local business

Step #9 Use killer headlines

Step #10 Build a brand


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