Top Instagram Marketing Tips & Tricks (Actually Working)

Instagram marketing tips

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion active monthly users. And that is why it has emerged as an important social media marketing platform as well.

Brands and lots of marketer can not ignore or deny the importance of Instagram as a marketing biggest platform in the world and are now embracing Instagram marketing. However, it is not that easy to make your content stand out on Instagram as it is filled with visually-attractive and engaging content.

The social media platform has around 800 million active monthly users, 25 million of which are business accounts. But even with its current popularity, businesses have yet to maximize its potential to engage current customers and attract new ones.

As of November 2019, Instagram boasts over 1.5 billion active users, 500 million of whosoever using stories every day to get update their followers.

Now for businesses purpose Instagram adopted as one of their main revenue by generating tools. Today Instagram has over 2.5 million advertisers and 25 million plus business profiles!

It’s also insightful to look at the countries with the highest numbers of Instagram users:

United States: 120 million (37% of American population)

India: 75 million (6% of Indian population)

Brazil: 69 million (33% of Brazilian population)

Indonesia: 62 million (23% of Indonesian population)

Turkey: 38 million (48% of Turkish population)

Russia: 37 million (26% of Russian population)

Japan: 27 million (21% of Japanese population)

United Kingdom: 25 million (37% of British population)

Mexico: 22 million (17% of Mexican population)

Germany: 20 million (24% of German population)

Here are the best tricks and tips for the instagram Marketing hope you will learn and apply

1: Build a community around an actionable Instagram hashtag

2: Partner with a very good cause that supports your brand’s values and engagement.

3: Target to your followers while staying relevant to your brand according to their interest.

4: PLEASE don’t over-post

5: Promote your Instagram everywhere

6: Use all the different different type of tools Instagram has to offer

7. Get inspiration from others

8. Showcase beautiful experiences relevant to your brand

9. Interact with others to grow your Instagram following

10. Switch to a Business Account and Use Instagram Insights

11. Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

12. Post Instagram Stories

13. Partner With Influencers

14. Run Instagram Contests and Giveaways

15. Post at the Right Times

16. Leverage Instagram Ads

17. Use Instagram Highlights the Right Way

18. Advertise with Videos

19. Ask Yourself if You Would Be Interested in Your Feed

20.Get Crafty with Your Hashtags and Link

21. Use Paid Ads & Skip the Automation Tools

22. Focus On Engagement-Based Content

23. Add Personal Passion to Your Instagram Posts

24. Engage Online and Build Relationships Offline

25. Choose Your Own Sharing Time

26. Create a Special Instagram Link

27. Shout Out to Other Businesses

And many more : Monitor Your Metrics Come Up with Varied Content , Leverage User Generated Content (UGC) Do a Chain Campaign ,Create Themed Content Response to Comments and Direct Messages Let The Influencer Speak For Themselves,Include A Clear Call-To-Action etc…


There is no doubt that every business that wants to stay on top of their marketing game needs to have Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. Make your posts stand out from the endless feeds to the right audience by using these tips and build the connections that your business needs to succeed.

Let’s talk! Share your favorite, go-to Instagram marketing tips with us in the comments!


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