Top Instagram Updates in 2020


Instagram is the most effective visual advertising channel right now.

What is a Instagram feature account?

You might heard of these feature accounts on Instagram, these are account that usually have a massive following that features other peoples work.

How Do Instagram Feature Accounts Work?

Instagram feature accounts also keep their Instagram content calendar filled with outside help. They accept submissions from followers in a few ways:

through emails
via direct messages
by tagging or hashtags

Influencers will now be able to tag a brand’s product on their posts, and this summer anyone will be able to design and create their own face filters for Instagram.

1: A Brand New Camera for Instagram Stories

With more than 500 million plus active users on instagram, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest feature announcements at this year’s for Instagram Stories.

2: Raise Money with the New Donation Sticker for Instagram Stories

Instagram is launching a new donation sticker for Instagram Stories that will let people raise the money for NGO’s from within the app itself.

3: Creator Profiles Are Coming to Instagram: Should You Switch?

Instagram’s new create a profile a lot of influencers are wondering if they should make the switch!

4: You Can Now Buy Products from Your Instagram Influencers

Starting from the next week, Instagram is testing a new dedicated shopping tag that will let any influencer or celebrity tag an article of clothing they’re wearing so followers can buy that items without ever leaving the Instagram application!

5: Anyone Will Be Able to Create Their Own Instagram Stories Filters This Summer

If you’ve already jumped headfirst into the AR (“augmented reality”) craze on Instagram, you’ll be happy to know that soon anyone will be able to create their own Instagram Stories filters!

6: Instagram is “Officially” Testing Hiding Like Counts

Earlier next month, images revealing that Instagram is going to test for a new feature that would hide the like count on people’s photos began to circulate online.

7: Away Mode and Tests to Combat Bullying

Facebook also announced that it’s testing several new several features to combat bullying.


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