Top Online Learning Platforms in 2020


There are many application and websites which are providing learning through online courses.

Please take a look and check details as below :

1. iTunes U

It is the Apple’s education initiative which provides Learning online courses in variety of subjects developed by instructors in some of the world’s leading universities.


2. Khan Academy (Android, iOS)

Its only aims is to provide “free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” this company hosts thousands of free online tutorial videos for a wide variety of subjects for example from biology,chemistry, physics, mathematics, to history, civics and computer programming etc.



3. Coursera (Android, iOS)

It allows users to sign up for free of cost , structured online courses across a variety of topics provided by numerous top universites Classes are a blend of video lectures, online forum discussions, quizzes, assignments and exams.



4. Udemy (Android, iOS)

It offers students free and also paid courses that featuring everything from programming, Web development, guitar lessons and many more. Courses are offered such as a series of lectures in the form of video files, slides, PDFs or Udemy’s own lecture format that combines slides and videos.



5. Lynda (Android, iOS)

This is a subscription based online learning service that provides unlimited access to video tutorials on a variety of subjects and skills such as 3D animation, photography or design and many more.




Professionals interested in lifelong learning, especially with a focus on business and workplace skills would do well to check out Alison, Its an online learning website that features a variety of free courses on a variety of topics, from languages to information technology and many more.



7. Code Academy

Code academy believes that traditional classroom based education is somehow broken and isn’t the best way to teach computer programmers. Instead, Code Academy provides absoutely free, hands on online courses that introduce the basics of coding, as well as language specific courses for a variety of commonly used coding languages such as HTML, Javascript and Python and many more.



8. TED (Android, iOS)

The motive of the Ted Conferences is “Ideas worth spreading,” and the official TED app Android, iOS) makes it easy to do just that. With this little app, you can download and view more than 1,000 TEDTalk videos featuring some of the best and brightest of today’s thinkers, designers, and influential people talking about ideas they believe matter, whether it’s an art, design,philanthropy, politics or economics etc.



9. Academic Earth

Academic Earth brings together more than 800 free online video courses from a variety of top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale and Oxford, all of which you can view at the site.

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