Top Tips for Small Business to use Facebook Group


What Is Facebook Group?

A Facebook group is different from the Facebook page lets discuss. Facebook page is an official profile of your business, while a Facebook group is a place where people can discuss and share their passion for different different interests or you could say different categories.

Facebook pages are for your existing customers who already know your business, whereas a Facebook group is a place where you can engage with new and potential customers.

Thanks to social media, even the smallest businesses can have global and wide reach and engagement. As of 2019, Facebook’s 900 million users and 80 plus language translations have made it.

Facebook groups are valuable and important tools for small business owners and tips or ways to make some money.

Should you invest your valuable time in building an audience with Facebook Groups for your small business?

Here are best and most important ways you can start promoting your new Facebook group!

  1. Put a Link in Your Welcome Email so that you can get traffic
  2. Put Your Link on Your Sidebar
  3. Pin It to Your Facebook Page
  4. Link to It on a Thank You Page
  5. Promote Your Group
  6. Mention It in Your Author Bio
  7. Mention Your Group in a Podcast
  8. Pin Your Group on Twitter
  9. Create a Graphic and Pin it On Pinterest
  10. Create a Blog Post for Your Facebook Group
  11. Drop a Link on Your Homepage
  12. At the End of Blog Posts
  13. Have Others Feature Your Facebook Group

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