Voice search seo tips 2020

Voice search seo tips

Let’s talk the what, why, and how of voice search SEO.

What Is Voice Search Optimization & How Does It Work?

By 2020, voice search will account for more than 50% of searches

Why we need to optimize for voice search? Experts differ on their opinions about the voice search.

  1. User intent
    When people search for website on google, do they want to buy something for information?
  2. Featured snippets
    If you are not familiar with the name featured snippets, you almost certainly recognize what they look.
  3. Long tail keywords & questions
    When searching for information for voice assistant, people behave as if they are talking to a human.

Most of us won’t use short, choppy keywords.

  1. Page speed
    Page speed means the time need for your page to load.
  2. Structured data
    Structured data is code added to HTML markup and used by search engines for better understand your website content.
  3. Local SEO
    A BrightLocal report found that 60% plus consumers use voice search to find local businesses.

But that’s not all voice searches also change to the nature of keywords themselves, including question words like what, how and why.

Use These Tips For Your Voice Search SEO Strategy

  1. Use Microdata
  2. Talk Like Your Customers Would
  3. Ask The Questions Your Target Customers Would
  4. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly
  5. Dive Deeper With Semantics



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