What is Paid media marketing ?


Paid media includes PPC advertising, brand content, and display ads. Paid media is advertising for your business that you can pay. The most common forms of paid media you are likely to come across include the following:

  • Display ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • Paid search
  • Google Ad’s
  • Facebook
  • Carousel ads
  • Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Ad’s

Facebook ads, Twitter sponsored ads, Google AdWords, and others are all forms of paid media. who are likely to buy their product. Check our our PPC Management and Pay Per Click Advertising page, SEO Inc can help grow your revenue and increase your brand visibility.

How Paid Media Helps Your Business
Compare to the other media, paid media is relatively easy to understand. Those two things are what paid media does best:

Increase revenue
Raise brand awareness
Getting Visible quickly

Of course, the first is impossible without the second — people will not buy your products or services if they aren’t aware of your business in the first place. And to do that, you have to go where the people are. Twitter, Facebook and Google results all of these are prime real estate for paid media ads. These social platforms are ideal for the hosting paid media.


SEO Inc Paid Media
This is part three of a three-part series on earned media, owned media, and paid media. Previously, we’ve talked in-depth on earned and owned media,and now it’s time to learn just what is paid media and its unique attributes. Join us as we lay it all out for you!


Paid media is the quintessential solution for many businesses — “spend money, and all your problems will be solved. Not when you’re struggling to stay on budget.
And when you consider the many different kinds of paid media platforms that have exploded over the years, it can only make things more overwhelming and confusing.


How Companies Get Paid Media Wrong
In fact, the definitions for what is paid media, owned media, and earned media have begun to blur as time has gone on — ads present on social media are paid media is the most content on the social media is earned.


Owned media takes a lot of effort. spending time writing shareable blogs may seem a much smarter use of your time, and that may even be true for a while. But the truth is that paid media at the expense of owned media like blogs and social posts is often not as effective as it could be if used together.


For example, someone sees a blog you’ve written shared on their social media feed, then sees an ad for your product that recognition of seeing two different sources.Understand that it does take time, effort, and money to focus on both paid and owned media, but the results can be priceless.


Final thoughts: Paid media is simple in its initial execution but much more difficult to master. Its highly competitive nature and misunderstood definition brings a high difficulty curve to its execution, but when paired with owned media it can be a powerhouse for your business.


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