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White hat hacker vs Black hat hacker

White hat hacker vs Black hat hacker

Some hackers are criminals and use their computer skills to harm computer Networking. These people are black hat hackers.

White hat hackers, on the other hand, use their computer skills for ethical hacking.

White hat hackers are the opposite of the black hat hackers. They’re the “ethical hackers,” experts in compromising computer security systems who use their abilities for good, ethical, and legal purposes rather than bad, unethical, and criminal purposes.

Black Hat Hacker

A Black Hat Hacker is specifically in line with media portrayals. They are into the hackers who break into systems, steal information, manipulate data, and compromise security. As for motivations, they generally do this for either financial gain (stealing cards, identity theft), political interest (vandalizing websites, creating bots to manipulate information), or for the lulz.

White Hat Hacker

On the other side, White Hat Hacker is also known as an “ethical hacker”. These hackers who are often employed by the government to protect data against Black Hat Hacker.

For example, very common job for a White Hat Hacker would be a penetration tester. A penetration tester is somebody hired to break into someones system so they can outline the system’s flaws.

Grey Hat Hackers

Just like there are plenty of grey areas in life, there are also grey-hat hackers, which fall somewhere in between the white-hats and black-hats.

Most of the time, grey hat hackers will seek vulnerabilities into a computer system without the owner knowing or having their permission on their computer system.

If the grey-hat finds an issue, they will usually report them to the system’s owner, and will sometimes ask for a small fee to repair the issue.

If the system’s owner doesn’t respond to them or comply with the request, grey-hats will sometimes threaten to post the newly discovered vulnerability online for the whole world to see.



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